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Custom Polyvinyl Chloride Floor Mat

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BRIGHT ARTWARES CO., LTD. locate Xianju city with convenient traffic. As one of the China custom PVC Car Mat manufacturer and OEM/ODM PVC Car Mat suppliers , we major products include car seat cover, seat cushion, steering wheel cover, car mat, and other related car interior accessories. We have more than 20 years of manufacturing experience in this line. We focus on quality and innovation to win the markets.
We set up a complete quality control system approved by ISO9001. All of our PVC Car Mats are sold worldwide, with the major market in Japan and the United States.
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The Reason Why Use Car PVC Floor Mat

There are several compelling reasons to use car PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) floor mats in your vehicle:

Durability: PVC is a highly durable material that can withstand wear and tear, making it ideal for protecting your car's interior from dirt, mud, moisture, and other contaminants. These mats can last for a long time without showing signs of significant wear.

Easy to Clean: PVC floor mats are exceptionally easy to clean. You can remove them from your car, shake off loose debris, and then simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth or hose them down. This convenience makes them a practical choice for individuals who value cleanliness and low maintenance.

Water and Stain Resistance: PVC is naturally water-resistant, which means it won't absorb moisture, preventing the growth of mold or mildew. Additionally, it is resistant to stains, making it an excellent choice for those who frequently transport liquids or food in their cars.

Custom Fit Options: Many PVC floor mats are available in custom-fit designs, specifically tailored to your car's make and model. This ensures a perfect fit, covering the entire floor area and providing maximum protection.

Affordability: PVC floor mats are often more budget-friendly compared to some other materials like rubber or carpet. You can get reliable protection for your car's interior without breaking the bank.

Versatility: PVC mats are suitable for various weather conditions. They can handle both hot and cold temperatures without becoming brittle or losing their integrity.

Anti-Slip Features: Many PVC mats have anti-slip properties on the bottom, ensuring they stay securely in place while driving, providing safety and stability for the driver and passengers.

Customization: Some PVC mats come in different colors and designs, allowing you to choose a style that matches your car's interior or your personal preferences.

Odor Resistance: PVC mats are often resistant to odors, ensuring that your car's interior remains fresh and free of unpleasant smells.

PVC Car Mat Requirements for Comfort

PVC Car Mats can provide a certain level of comfort to the driver and passengers, but the level of comfort may vary depending on several factors, such as the thickness and texture of the mat.

Thicker PVC car mats can provide more cushioning and comfort to the feet, reducing the pressure on the feet during long drives. The texture of the mat can also affect the level of comfort. Mats with a smoother texture can feel more comfortable, while mats with A rougher texture can provide better traction but may feel less comfortable.

Other factors that can affect the comfort level of PVC car mats include the design of the mat and the shape of the footwell. Mats with a well-designed pattern can provide better grip and support for the feet, while mats that fit snugly into the footwell can provide a more comfortable driving experience.

To achieve a high level of comfort with PVC car mats, it is important to choose mats that are thick enough to provide cushioning, have a texture that feels comfortable to the feet, and fit well in the footwell of the car.

PVC coil car mats are specialized automotive floor mats designed for superior durability, performance, and cleanliness in your vehicle. These mats are constructed from high-quality PVC material, which is renowned for its ruggedness and resilience.

The distinctive feature of PVC coil car mats is their unique looped design. These loops or coils are designed to effectively trap dirt, debris, moisture, and other contaminants that can accumulate on your car's floor. As you step onto the mat, the loops scrape and capture particles from your shoes, preventing them from spreading throughout the car's interior.